Our 10 principles of health, safety and the environment

At Finning we believe strongly in protecting the welfare of our employees, our communities and the wider environment. Our ten principles of health, safety and the environment underpin everything that we do.

Management Commitment & Leadership

Requires us to:

  • have an effective organisational structure to implement the EH&S management systems.
  • develop policies and procedures to implement the EH&S management system.
  • define the resources needed to implement the EH&S management system.

Regulatory Compliance

Requires us to:

  • Develop a system for identifying, documenting, monitoring and communicating regulatory requirements to employees. This principle commits Finning UK to ensuring that it complies with all legislative requirements.

Hazard Management

Requires us to:

  • identify, assess and control conditions, behaviours and processes that arise from our activities.
  • develop and implement purchasing controls to take EH&S issues into proper consideration.
  • deal with product safety issues and incidents that involve customer's employees.

Health & Wellbeing

Requires us to:

  • carry out pre-employment checks on people's health.
  • lay down how we will maintain health surveillance for people exposed to certain risks.
  • promote and support the wellness of our employees.
  • lay down our health and sickness programmes.


Requires us to:

  • identify, assess and minimise our environmental impacts.
  • set up an environmental management system that reflects ISO 14001.
  • establish and maintain environmentally acceptable methods for managing wastes.
  • develop a system to reduce, reuse or recycle materials and resources.
  • develop prompt, safe, efficient and effective spill response plans that minimize risk to employees, communities, assets and the environments.

Incident Reporting Investigation & Follow Up

Requires us to:

  • ensure that all EH&S incidents are reported.
  • ensure that incidents are thoroughly investigated to identify causes and contributing factors and to make recommendations to prevent recurrences.
  • ensure that corrective actions are implemented and verified as complete and lessons learned are shared.

Training & Competence

Requires us to:

  • provide induction training to all new and transferred employees.
  • identify and deliver EH&S training that enables employees to work safely.
  • maintain records of employee EH&S training and competencies.


Requires us to:

  • develop communication methods and determine their effectiveness.
  • maintain consistent, accurate & timely communication of EH&S issues with external stakeholders.
  • ensure employees have access to information necessary to perform their jobs safely.

Emergency Management

Requires us to:

  • establish emergency management plans (continuity/ contingency plans) for all foreseeable emergencies.
  • ensure each facility has a site-specific emergency response plan to ensure safe, effective and efficient response to any emergency.

Review & Improvement

Requires us to:

  • evaluate the EH&S management system to ensure effective implementation and functioning of the system and for identification of areas requiring improvement .
  • monitor EH&S performance indicators to identify issues and develop remedial programs.